The American Dream is a singular one: take a small family concern and turn it into a thriving, successful business. We’re proud to be part of it, and pleased that we are able to continue operating in the same location where we started in 1914. Although the buildings are new and we have the most modern processing equipment, our dedication to making high quality products remains the same.

Old Neighborhood Foods Timeline

1893 Grandfather Thomas Demakes’ family arrives in U.S. from Greece, settling in Lowell.
1896 Grandmother Jean Demakes’ family arrives in U.S. from Greece.
1900 Thomas and Jean marry and move to Lynn, opening several small neighborhood grocery stores.
1914 The family opens a new neighborhood shop at 37 Waterhill Street in Lynn. In the back room, Jean makes the world’s best homemade Greek Sausage called Locanico with the highest quality ingredients: fresh pork, red wine, natural spices, and orange peel. People couldn’t get enough of it. It was soon marketed under the name Holiday Brand, because in the old country, you would likely only have meat on a holiday or a Sunday.
1932 The product line is expanded to include frankfurters and deli meats.
1967 Tom L. Demakes, grandson of the founder and current president, returns from Vietnam and begins working in sales, growing the company from approximately $1 million in sales to $100 million today.
1969 Holiday Brand frankfurters begin to be sold at Fenway Park.
1970 Tom begins to update processing from the 1950s era machinery, adding new equipment each year.
1975 An addition is built to accommodate new smokehouses.
1978 The original building is renovated and a second story is added.
1980 A new building and loading dock are added next to the original plant.
1980s thru present day — the company’s fleet of refrigerated trucks is continually upgraded and increased.
1985 Holiday Brands name was changed to Old Neighborhood Foods, since we are still manufacturing in the same location where we started in 1914, to brand the company better and capitalize on marketing opportunities.
1986 We begin distribution to area supermarket chains.
1987 Old Neighborhood Foods launches Thin ‘n Trim product line, responding to consumer demand for great-tasting low fat and low sodium  meat products. First products: salami and bologna deli meats, followed by roast beef, turkey and ham.
1990s thru present day — Computerized processing equipment is introduced to take advantage of new technology and turn the company into a state of the art processor. The company can now make more pounds of product more precisely, with better shelf life, better color, and able to retain the flavors better.
2006 ONF begins using CDC Software’s Ross ERP solution. It integrates systems company—wide and controls all aspects of manufacturing, improves seasonal scheduling and forecasting, and increases inventory visibility.
2009 New “Girls Inc.” building in Lynn is named after the Demakes family, the project’s largest donors.
2010 Currently the company employs 350 people, many who have been with the company for decades, and offers over 100 varieties of product while continuing to support our community through church programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, the YMCA, KIPP Academy and many other public service organizations.